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GPO (AS3112)

AS/NZS 3112 is the Australasian standard which covers power connectors and couplers typically designated for general purpose usage (non-industrial).

Internationally, the connectors designated in AS/NZS 3112 are known as 'Type I' and are also used in Papua New Guinea (and some other Pacific Islands) and Argentina.

The standard includes the following connectors

  • 7.5A (2pin, no earth)
  • 10A (3pin)
  • 10A Round Earth
  • 110V hybrid (Round Live/Active & Neutral, Flat Earth)
  • 15A (3pin, longer earth pin)
  • 20A (3pin, all three pins are longer)
  • 25A (3pin with notch at top of earth pin)
  • 32A (3pin, with notch at top and bottom of earth pin)

We are able to manufacture power strips with the following connectors at present

  • 10A
  • 10A Round Earth
  • 15A
  • 20A

The 110V, 25A & 32A connectors are very rare.