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15 Amp PDU - UPS Ready

RackLink assemble a large variety of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) as built-to-order. Many basic PDUs can be easily upgraded to suit a 15 Amp input. This creates a simple and easy add-on for your existing UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to increase the outlets available for equipment.

Additionally, a 15 Amp PDU can assist with branching your power distribution to enable tighter control over power usage and requirements in an installation.

We use "15 Amp" rating where the input lead or inlet is a GPO (AS3112) type or Captive (AS3123) type,

and "16 Amp" rating where the input lead or inlet is an IEC (60320) C20 type or IEC (60309)/CeeForm/Commando Type

Click below on the image that is most similar to what you are looking for to browse our selection

8x GPO 10A outlets


15x C13 10A outlets, Horizontal, IEC Inlet

10xC13 3xC19 outlets, Horizontal, IEC inlet

6x GPO 10A, 1x IEC C19, Horizontal, IEC Inlet