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Reliable, High Quality Power Distribution - Giving You Peace of Mind.

About Us

Reliable, high quality power distribution - giving you peace of mind.

Our Story

Manufacturing in Australia since 2013, RackLink Pty Ltd has built on the success of their New Zealand counterpart with a product range that has been manufactured and distributed in New Zealand for 20 years. With the capability to custom make the widest range of cables in Oceania, and a wide variety of power strips, RackLink are the Specialists in Power Distribution . 

Our customers are predominantly providers of ITC infrastructure. While we are primarily focused on 19'' Rack Enclosure space, we have a steadily increasing orientation towards discrete bespoke solutions.

Our Team

Founded and directed by husband and wife, Jeremy and Kathryn Martens, our ever-growing, dedicated team aims to empower Australian businesses by providing reliable and high quality power distribution products. 

Our commitment is to giving our customers peace of mind. We value integrity, and quality – at RackLink, we deliver.

Our Product Range

RackLink's products are made to the highest standards in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you receive superior quality products which are both durable and reliable 

What sets RackLink power strips's above the rest?

  • Locally Assembled - Made in Australia & New Zealand to exacting standards.
  • Built to Last - Made of 1.2mm mild steel. Earth is secured internally with ring terminals and lock-washers. All raw components and powder coats are RoHS compliant
  • Reliable - Individually hand-wired outlets.
  • Professional in Look & Feel - Powder coated in ripple black finish means they get fewer scratches & finger prints. High density of IEC outlets means you fit more in your space without clutter.
  • Protected – 6kA, C-Curve circuit breakers as standard.
  • Easy to Install - Rounded corners ensures fewer injuries and fewer scratches on neighbouring equipment.
  • Custom Design Available – wide, flexible range to fit the space you have.

Why Choose Us?

  • We understand the ever-changing requirements and tough deadlines of the IT industry.
  • Our range sets the standards of innovation yet consistency.
  • We have the most customisable range of 19” rack mounting power distribution solutions available in Oceania to ensure your individual needs are met.

Our Vision:

Empowering Australia through providing secure, quality power distribution products.

We Value:

Customer-focus – We exist to help our customers succeed. If you succeed, we succeed.
Integrity – We do what we say we will do.
Efficiency – We are streamlined and economical, so we can deliver on time.
Quality – We use only the best components and test every product multiple times.
Sustainability – We support and nurture both our environment, and ourselves, to ensure we will still be here in years to come.

Social Responsibility:

We actively support Compassion Australia.  Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy organisation committed to fostering the development of children living in extreme poverty in over 26 developing countries. For further information, see