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RCD - Residual Current Device

Also known as a safety switch or an RCCB, these devices protect a user from an ongoing electrical shock by 'opening the circuit' and disconnecting the current.

Generally there are two trip times available. 
  • 10mA which will trip within 40ms - used in the Medical Industry and in industry to protect workers with pacemakers
  • 30mA which will trip within 300ms - standard used in other situations.
We can supply an RCBO as a standard accessory which will integrate with most of our PDUs.  (RCBO's have both an RCD and integrated overcurrent protection.) This would replace the exisiting circuit breaker in a PDU configuration. 
To align with Electrical Safety Victoria (ESV)'s recent ruling we supply the following RCBO integrated into our PDUs, 
  • NHP: M6RCBDxx30CAN   Data Sheet  (where xx is the current rating: '10' = "10A')
Other options available on request. Click here for a list of ESV approved RCBOs.

Get in touch with your particular requirements.