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2.5A 5V USB Smart charger module

  • A range of Smart/Fast type USB enabled Power Strip/PDUs are under development including 19” and Vertical Enclosure mounting.
  • We can incorporate both USB and GPO/IEC outlets into the same Power Distribution Unit.




As a "smart charger", it can charge at the maximum rate, all brands of smart phones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones and tablets as well as all Android type phones. 3 times faster than the USB port on a PC and twice as fast as a standard universal type USB charger.

The charger is manufactured with the highest quality and most advance components available for the application, and include safety features like Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection and Surge Protection to fully protect the device being charged.

Technical Data:

  • Fast / Smart type USB charger with Type A Female USB outlets
  • 2.5A maximum charging current
  • AC operating voltage - 120VAC to 250VAC 50/60Hz
  • Rated total output - 12.5W
  • Output Voltage - 5VDC +/-5%
  • The charger module complies with all Australian safety standards and has SAA approval.

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