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IEC-Lock is a retrofit-able locking socket connector. It works by 'grabbing hold' of the earth pin on the mating plug or inlet. The connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet.
Purchase both the cabling and a PDU with IEC-Lock sockets for an end to end secure solution.
Simply push the connector into a standard IEC C14 10A or IEC C20 16A inlet and it is locked into position. Slide back the 'red' tab to release and remove the connector from the inlet. 
Because the IEC-Lock connector is 'universal' in application, it will connect with all existing infrastructure, even with alternate locking styles (V-Lock, P-Lock etc...). You can also 'daisy chain' cables as required to reach longer lengths.
A rewireable IEC-Lock connector is now available for easy retro-fit to existing cabling. This connector is also LSZH and suitable for Defense applications as well.
The IEC-Lock mechanism is patented but the style is "WS-Lock" type


IEC-Lock Cabling

IEC-Lock C13 Cabling
IEC-Lock C19 cabling

IEC-Lock Power Strips
IEC-Lock C13 Power Strips
IEC-Lock C19 Power Strips
IEC-Lock C13/C19 Mixed Power Strips
IEC-Lock C13/C19/GPO Mixed Power Strips

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