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enLOGIC Intelligent PDUs


 enLogic Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDUs)

enLogic Intelligent PDU’s are the leading-edge solution for power distribution and energy metering within server racks. At the heart of modern data centres, enLogic Intelligent PDUs are engineered to boost the efficiency and reliability of your power infrastructure, ensuring your critical IT assets are powered safely and efficiently.

The enLogic Advantage

enLogic Intelligent PDUs are not just ordinary power distribution units; they are smart, rack-mounted devices designed to seamlessly integrate into your server rack environment. These PDUs offer real-time monitoring of power consumption, environmental conditions, and potential electrical circuit overloads. By providing detailed insights into your data centre's power usage, enLogic Intelligent PDUs help you to optimise power resources, make informed capacity planning decisions, and drive initiatives towards a greener, more cost-effective data centre.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time Energy Monitoring: Continuously track and analyse power usage effectiveness (PUE), allowing for efficient utilisation of power resources.

  • Enhanced Safety: Actively monitor for electrical circuit overloads and environmental threats, reducing the risk to critical computing loads.

  • Intelligent Capacity Planning: Utilise accurate energy measurement data for effective capacity planning and improved uptime.

  • Sustainability: Support green data centre initiatives by reducing power consumption and lowering energy costs.

How We Support You

Our expertise extends beyond supplying enLogic Intelligent PDUs. We offer a full suite of solutions, including accessories and inline meters, tailored to enhance your power distribution system. Whether you're upgrading your server cabinet PDU or integrating smart PDUs into your network, our team is here to configure the perfect solution for your needs. 

Contact us for assistance in optimising your data centre with enLogic's intelligent power solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are intelligent PDUs?

Intelligent PDUs, like enLogic's, are advanced power distribution units equipped with smart technology to monitor and manage power usage within data centres, providing real-time analytics and control over electrical power distribution. They can also include outlet-level switching capability allowing power cycling of individual pieces of equipment.

What is the difference between a smart PDU and a PDU?

The key difference lies in functionality. While a standard PDU distributes power to equipment in a rack, a smart or intelligent PDU offers additional features such as remote monitoring, environmental monitoring and control capabilities; enhancing power management efficiency.

How do intelligent PDUs reduce energy costs?

Intelligent PDUs reduce energy costs by providing detailed insights into power usage, enabling data centres to identify inefficiencies, optimise power distribution, and prevent overprovisioning of power resources.

What are the two categories of smart PDUs?

When purchasing an Intelligent PDU, you will need to consider the following core functions

Power Monitoring:

Do you require monitoring of each individual outlet/equipment or just monitoring of the complete PDUs output?

Power Switching:

Do you need to power cycle individual outlets/equipment for troubleshooting or maintenance.

The different price points of intelligent PDU’s cover the different levels of intelligence in the above core functions. 

If you really only need to visually inspect the power usage at a glance, then a standard PDU with onboard metering might be a better cost-effective solution for your requirements.

What kind of smart accessories are available?

There is a growing range of accessories that can plug directly into your intelligent PDU and provide the following:

Environmental Sensors:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Smoke

  • Liquid Leak 


  • Sensor Hubs

  • Serial Communication

  • Door Switch

  • Dry Contact

  • Security Door Handle

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