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IEC 60309 Adaptor Cables

The IEC 60309 standard describes a variety of plugs, sockets & coupling devices designed for industrial purposes.

These connectors also have an integrated locking system to minimise accidental disruptions. The IP44 rated connector has a spring-loaded cover on the socket side which grips a plastic toggle on the plug- securing it in place. 
The IP67 rated connector has a 'screw type fitting. Upon plugging the 'plug' in, the user rotates the plastic nut to lock into place.
  • The most common in Australia & New Zealand are Blue {2P+E} 220-240V & Red {3P/4P+E} 400V
  • Both are '6H' or have the "key" (a plastic projection) in the 6 o'clock position.
  • They are available in two IP ratings, IP44 & IP67
We can manufacture a range of IEC 60309 adaptor cables on request, to suit your requirements. 
  • IEC 60309 <> IEC 60320 (C13, C14, C15, C19, C20, C21) - [IEC 309 <> IEC 320]
  • IEC 60309 <> AS/NZS 3112 "GPO" Australian (10A, 10A RE, 15A, 20A, 110V)
  • IEC 60309 > IEC-Lock (C13, C19)
Typically we use Walther, Mennekes or Legrand connectors- depending on availability.

We can closely match the following competitors products
APC AP8758 ->  CF2EKxxx
APC AP9876 ->  CF2ECxxx
APC AP9899 ->  CF2CExxx

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