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Individually Protected Outlets - GPO or IEC-Lock C13

GPO or IEC-Lock outlets protected by MCBs, Fuses, or Thermal Overloads

Bring individual outlet control to your next PDU configuration.

Each outlet can have an individual circuit breaker offering complete control of your power delegation.


  19" 2RU
5x outlets
19" 3RU
10x outlets
10x outlets
19" 1RU or 0.5m
6x outlets
GPO 10/15A outlets: Yes
Yes  Yes Yes
IEC-Lock C13 10A outlets: Yes  Yes - Yes
MCB option: Yes
Yes Yes -
Fuse option: -  - - Yes
Thermal Overload option: -  - - Yes
Optional Master MCB/Fuse/TO: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlet MCB/Fuse/TO ratings: 1 - 15A 1 - 15A 1 - 15A 1 - 10A
Total Rating (Amps): 10 - 50A 10 - 50A 10 - 50A 10 - 30A
Mounting: 19" 2RU 19" 3RU
1.3m Vertical (0RU)
19" 1RU or
0.5m Vertical (0RU)
Panel Size (mm):
483w 88h 55d 483w 132h 55d 52w 1370h 58d 483w 44h 55d or
44w 553h 52d



19" 2RU - 5x GPO 10A outlets with MCBs on each outlet.



19" 2RU - 5x IEC-Lock C13 10A outlets with MCBs on each outlet.



19" 3RU - 10x GPO 10A outlets with MCBs on each outlet.


19" 3RU - 10x IEC-Lock C13 10A outlets with MCBs on each outlet.