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IEC-Lock Outlets

There are several locking solutions available now for securing IEC 60320 cabling to a PDU. Many of the solutions are proprietary to the manufacturer of that PDU (ie. Raritan's SecureLock system) or require a special high-cost cable purchase to work correctly. 
The IEC-Lock system is one of the few on the market which will create a secure connection with any IEC C14 or C20 plug. Simply push in your existing IEC C14 or C20 plug, and the IECLock C13/C19 socket will click into 'locked' position. The cable will only be released when the red 'release' button is pushed.
This means you only need to purchase the PDU, not a full set of cabling as well.
Secure your power source today with an IEC-Lock outlet PDU, or mix and match with GPO outlets as required. 
If you do require end-to-end security with locking connectors at the PDU and the equipment end, you can purchase IEC-Lock cabling to secure the equipment end

IEC-Lock C13 10A (available in Black or White)


IEC-Lock C19 16A (Black only)