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GPO (AS 3112) Outlets

The AS/NZS 3112 standard covers a variety of sockets/outlets & plugs/inlets which are designed for general usage within Australia & New Zealand. (220-240V AC @ 50Hz) 

They are referred to internationally as "Type I" and are also found in many Pacific Island nations and in some South American nations.
Generally the 10A & 15A variants are the most commonly available in moulded configurations. 20A, 32A & the 110V connector are typically only available as rewireable standard or industrial type (AS/NZS 3123) aka. "Clipsal" or "Captive" connectors.
The 10A plug is also available with a 'Round Earth' pin, and is typically used to differentiate lighting circuits in AV installations. It is also becoming common to see it used to differentiate between 'mains' and 'UPS-protected' power outlets.
The 110V connector was designed as a 'Bridging' connector between US and Australian Voltage, and is typically found in Maritime & some industrial instrument applications.

We offer Australian PDU/Power Strip's (GPO AS3112 outlets) in a large variety of configurations in both Horizontal (1RU, 2RU etc..) or Vertical (0RU) mounting.

The AS/NZS 3112 standard includes the following outlet types




AS3112 10A outlet (currently available in White, Red or Black)
category-outlet-options-4-10a-3pin-round-earth.jpg AS3112 10A outlet - "Round Earth" (currently available in White only)


AS3112 15A outlet (currently available in White or Black)
category-outlet-options-7-20a-3pin-outlet.jpg AS3112 20A outlet (currently available in White only)

AS3112 110v - "Round Live, Round Neutral, Flat Earth" [2R-FE]

(no longer available in panel-mount outlet)


These can be fitted to any standard GPO or mixed GPO/IEC/IEC-Lock power strip as required.


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