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IEC (60320) Connectors

The IEC 60320 standard refers to a range of international connectors designated for domestic and commercial usage. It includes the often mis-described "Jug plug" as well as a variety of different connectors commonly found on the back of imported equipment. 

An international adoption of the IEC 60320 standard has meant a manufacturer can create the same product for all regions, inserting only the appropriate destinations power cable prior to dispatch.

All of the connectors start with a "C" prefix, and have a single or double digit number.

The plug/inlet connectors have an even number, while the socket/outlet connectors have odd numbers. 

eg. The standard 10A version is C14 for the plug/inlet, and C13 for the socket/outlet.

The following connectors are generally available, both on moulded cables & as rewireable connectors

  • IEC C5 "Clover" or "Mickey Mouse" 2.5A - 2pin
  • IEC C7 "Figure 8" 2.5A - 2pin
  • IEC C13 10A - 3pin
  • IEC C14 10A - 3pin
  • IEC C15 'Hot Condition' (120'C) 10A - 3pin
  • IEC C19 16A - 3pin
  • IEC C20 16A - 3pin

The following connectors can be imported with UL or VDE/CE only.

  • IEC C6 2.5A - 2pin [inlet or adaptor]
  • IEC C8 2.5A - 2pin [inlet or adaptor]
  • IEC C15a 'Hot Condition' (155'C) 10A - 3pin [rewireable connector]
  • IEC C17 10A - 2pin [cable, connector]
  • IEC C18 10A - 2pin [cable, connector]
  • IEC C21 16A - 3pin [connector]