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Distribution Accessories

Accessories - Busbars

We have a range of Brass busbars, custom designed to mount in our Distribution Boards. Both DC and AC (Neutral + Earth) busbar kits are available.

3u-brass-busbar.jpg   KH09S   3RU Brass Busbar - 12way 165A - [Suits DBx3xx]
kh08s.jpg KH08S 3RU Brass Busbar - 12way 165A - [Suits DBx4xx]
12w-comb-busbar.jpg CA512 Comb busbar 12way angled
 Comb Busbar - 12w 100A CA526 Comb busbar 12way


Accessories - Commoning Block

Commoning Block CA530

Busbar commoning block - 12w


2x 16mm2, 10x 6mm2

100A, 450V



Accessories - Front MCB Cover

Minimise accidental activation/deactivation of your sub-board. Access for re-activating circuit breakers is by removing cover

or sliding hand up between the shield and front panel.

DBB Protective Cover DBB3 Shield
4RU DBB Protective Cover DBB4 Shield