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PDU: 20 & 32 amp - Branch Circuits

RackLink assemble a large variety of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) as built-to-order. Many basic PDUs can be easily upgraded to suit a 20 or 32 Amp input. 

In order to help maintain control over power usage, configurations will typically restrict 10A outlet groups to 10A current draw with a 10A branch circuit breaker, and restrict 15/16A outlet groups to 15/16A current draw with a 15/16A branch circuit breaker.

Other configurations are available to suit your project requirements.

20 & 32 Amp 19" Rack PDUs are available with 'Bare end' input cables for easy hard-wired termination into a UPS or similar equipment. Additionally, we can fit your choice of input plug (including Captive (AS3123)/Clipsal & IEC (60309)/CeeForm) at manufacture to enable easy installation, straight out of the box.

Browse our range of 20 & 32A PDUs available to purchase right now off our website, or Enquire about a configuration that will suit your project requirements.