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ES1000 Series





The ES1000 Network Metered Intelligent PDU provides essential power and environmental monitoring for advanced warning of power overloads before they reach critical status. Comprehensive energy data logging allows remote, anytime access to key information for PUE metrics, load balancing, and optimization studies.

Enlogic’s slim profile design allows perfect fit in the rack with full access to IT equipment, while color-coded, locking IEC outlets provide security against accidentally disconnection.

Full Network Management, including embedded web HTTP, SNMP, and serial Telnet connections permit easy access and management using web browser, Enlogic management software, or an existing infrastructure management software.


CodeDescInputMax PowerTotal OutletsOutlet ConfigurationChassis Depth (LxWxD) mmMax Depth @ Circuit Breaker, mm
ES1501 12 x C13, 1 x C19 16A, 1ph 3.84kVA 13 12 x C13, 1 x C19 720 x 55 x 44 n/a
ES1502 20 x C13, 4 x C19 32A, 1ph 7.68kVA 24 20 x C13, 4 x C19 1300 x 55 x 44 56
ES1503 18 x C13, 6 x C19 16A, 3ph 11.52kVA 24 18 x C13, 6 x C19 1300 x 55 x 50 n/a
ES1505 12 x C13, 12 x C19 32A, 3ph 23.04kVA 24 12 x C13, 12 x C19 1500 x 55 x 50 62

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