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MCB Distribution Board

RackLink have a growing range of 19" Rack Mount Distribution Boards suitable for hard-wired distribution. Available models include a 4U & 3U Rack Enclosure & a 1RU open chassis.

These units allow sub-board type distribution to be installed inside a 19" Rack Enclosure, saving the cost and frustration of finding space for a wall-mount distribution board.

This means the distribution board can be co-located with the equipment in a Rack Distribution Panel, making identification of circuits and problem solving easy.

Our 3U Rack Enclosure has a full length DIN rail, and either a 12-pole half-width window, or a 24-pole full-width window. 

Effectively these units serve as 19" Rack Mount Circuit Breaker Panels, but can also be used for a variety of DIN-mount applications.

Contact us if you have specific site requirements, as we may be able to build a custom solution for you.