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Individually Switched Outlets

There are situations where it is convenient to be able to easily power-cycle, or deactivate equipment. This may be due to a maintenance cycle, troubleshooting equipment faults, or providing phone support to clients who 'know where the rack is, but not what is in it'.

Intelligent solutions are available for remote access to achieve this. However they do come at a significant cost, and do not suit situations where a non-technical client is required to power-cycle or deactivate a piece of equipment.

A growing range of Power Strips/PDUs are now available with front-facing individual manual switches. This allows for easy fault-recovery by only power-cycling the affected equipment while retaining power for all other connected equipment, and can save an expensive on-site visit. 

Additionally, all power cables are on the rear of the unit, out of sight, and safe from accidental bumps.


GPO 10A or IEC-Lock C13 10A outlets

Click here to purchase GPO 10A Individually Switched Power Strips from our online store

Click here to purchase IEC-Lock C13 10A Individually Switched Power Strips from our online store


Individual Outlet Switch options:

Master Switch / Neon options:

Thermal Overload Current Rating options:

Red/Black Red Neon  10A
Red Illuminated Red Illuminated  15A
Green/Black Green Neon  16A
Green Illuminated Green Illuminated  
Blue/Black Black  







Rear with GPO 10A outlets




Rear with IEC-Lock C13 10A outlets


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