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Harnessing Efficiency: Your Guide to Selecting the Right Rack PDU for Your Data Centre

Harnessing Efficiency: Your Guide to Selecting the Right Rack PDU for Your Data Centre

Posted by Jeremy on Nov 22, 2023

Powering Success in the Data Center

In the quest to build a resilient and efficient data centre, the selection of a rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a critical step that can't be overlooked. It's the silent sentinel that stands guard over your equipment, ensuring that everything from servers to storage systems receives the steady stream of electricity they need to keep your operations humming along.

At RackLink, we know the importance of getting this choice right. Let's embark on a journey to understand how to choose the perfect rack PDU for your needs.

Assessing Current Needs - The Building Blocks of Power Management

Before diving into the ocean of PDU options, let's anchor down your current requirements.
The existing outlet your PDU will be connected to dictates the type of PDU you need. Are you working with a standard single-phase wall outlet or do you require a more robust 3 phase power board? Consider the equipment you’re planning to connect. High-density servers require high density power boards, ensuring that sufficient power is delivered without
overloading your system.

Metering, branch protection, and switching capabilities are no mere add-ons; they are essential features that enable you to monitor and control power usage effectively. Onboard metering allows for real-time tracking of power consumption, while branch protection safeguards against electrical faults, and switching capabilities provide the flexibility to power
cycle individual outlets.

Navigating Current Restrictions - The Art of Power Precision

Space and power are premium commodities in any data centre. When choosing a rack PDU, you must be mindful of your current restrictions. Restricting total current usage is not just a matter of compliance, but also of safety and efficiency. PDUs with onboard metering can help manage this by providing clear insights into your power consumption patterns.

Additionally, individual or branch circuit protection can help limit loss of power if a single piece of equipment fails.
Spare outlets require careful consideration, they can be like lifeboats on a ship; you hope not to need them but are glad they're there when you do. Opting for a PDU with spare outlets may seem like an unnecessary expense now, but it is a wise investment for future scalability.

Alternatively, spare outlets can run the risk of overloading the PDU when additional equipment is added carelessly. Whatever your needs or concerns are, your PDUs should be configured to suit; giving the assurance of spares for the future, or restricting spares to further control your power usage.

Preparing for the Future - Power Distribution with Foresight

Looking ahead is what differentiates a good data centre manager from a great one.
Future-proofing your power infrastructure is critical. Spare outlets for future equipment ensure that you won't be caught off-guard when expansion becomes necessary. Additionally, the ease of plug changes by a licensed electrician or the option of using panel-mount inlets with separate easily-changeable cables provides flexibility for future modifications.

RackLink’s PDUs are designed to grow with your data centre. Whether it's a rack mount power board that can be easily reconfigured or a power strip that can adapt to evolving power needs, choosing a PDU that can accommodate future requirements is a savvy strategy that pays off in the long run.

Powering Forward with Confidence

Choosing the right rack PDU is a critical decision that underpins the operational integrity of your data centre. At RackLink, we understand the complexities involved in this choice and stand ready to provide you with power distribution units that meet your current needs while anticipating your future growth. From power strips that offer simplicity and reliability to
sophisticated PDUs that provide comprehensive power management solutions, we have the expertise and the technology to keep your data centre powered safely and efficiently.

Let RackLink be your partner in navigating the complexities of data centre power management. With our industry-leading PDUs, you're not just investing in a product; you're investing in peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the right type of rack PDU for my current setup?

To determine the right rack PDU for your setup, consider your current power requirements, such as the type of power outlet available (single-phase or 3 phase), the equipment being powered, in-rush current vs operating current draw, and the need for features like onboard metering and branch circuit protection. RackLink can build a variety of PDUs to match your specific needs.

Can RackLink PDUs help me manage space and power restrictions in my data centre?

Yes, RackLink PDUs are designed to help manage space and power restrictions. Options like vertical power boards save space, and PDUs with onboard metering allow for precise power management to adhere to power usage restrictions.

Are there RackLink PDUs that offer flexibility for future data centre expansions?

Absolutely. RackLink’s PDUs can be configured with additional outlets and flexible options such as easy plug changes or inlets with removable cables, catering to future expansions and equipment upgrades in your data centre.

Why should I consider RackLink when choosing a rack PDU?

Choosing RackLink ensures that you get a PDU that not only meets your current needs but also accommodates future requirements, thanks to customizable solutions, space-saving designs, and local support for warranty and services