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LCD Energy Meter

Energy meters are an optional extra across most of our power strips.

Metered Power Distribution Units will not only provide convenient power distribution, but also monitor the aggregate power consumption of equipment that is connected.

This module gives the user an instant indication of current usage and overloading if present, whether steady or transient.

It will also monitor any unexplained increase in consumption over time, which may indicate a fault in or misuse of connected equipment.

This energy meter module is also available with ModBUS connectivity via RS485. If required, a 4pin connector can be mounted to the PDU allowing integration with existing ModBUS configurations.

Rayleigh 100A Energy Meter


Model Features

  • Metering: kWh, V, A, kW, kVAr, KVA, pf
  • Current Range: 5-100A
  • Accuracy: Class 1
  • Display: LCD 5+1=99999.9kWh
  • Temperature Range: -20'C > 55'C
  • Maximum Relative Humidity: 75% Average / Short time value 95%
  • Standards: EN62052-11 / EN62053-21



 Some examples below:

 Hybrid PDU - 3x 1RU PDUs, 2x outlets per Energy Meter

15x C13, 6x C19 outlets, 16A rated with Circuit Breakerand LCD Energy Meter

4x GPO 10A outlets, 10A breaker, LCD Energy Meter