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LEDs, Switches, RCDs, Surge Arresters


Easily monitor whether a power strip is energised or if there is a fault upstream. 3-phase strips can be fitted with an LED per phase.

Red LED (shown fitted)




(Fits next to or in place of a 1-pole circuit breaker)

Isolator Switch (shown fitted)




RCD/RCBO - ESV Compliant

(Fits in place of a 1 or 2-pole circuit breaker)

 - RCD 30mA with integrated 10A circuit breaker (shown fitted)
 - RCD 10mA with integrated 10A circuit breaker (medical grade)



Surge Arrestor

In some situations you may not be able to install upstream surge filtering or protection, and can then add a Surge Device as an integrated component of your Power Strip/PDU configuration. Once the Surge Arrestor has absorbed its maximum capacitor, the PDU must be deactivated and sent back for replacement.

(Fits next to or in place of a 1-pole circuit breaker)


  • Nominal Discharge 15kA (8/20 µ s) max 40kA
  • Max constant voltage 275 VAC
  • Protection level 1.2kV
  • Standard IEC/EN 61643-1
  • Surge element replaceable

(shown fitted)





Other accessories available for custom solutions including EMI Filters. Get in touch with your requirements.